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Slipper Elm for Herpes – Have You Heard of It ?

Have you ever heard the slippery elm for herpes treatment? Probably no, because this is a lesser known cure for herpes. Do not worry if you are hearing this treatment option first time, because we are going to tell you the all things related with this treatment option for herpes cure.

First of all, you need to understand this nasty virus. Herpes is a sexually transmitted disease which can cause painful cold sores and fever blisters on mouth, lips and in genital parts of the body. Herpes virus is generally transmitted through direct and indirect contacts with an infected person. People often use antivirals for reducing its symptoms but herpes antivirals are just temporary treatment option. It will give you results only for a short period and after some time, you will same prone to the herpes outbreaks.

Slippery Elm – An Friend of Every Herpes Sufferer

You can treat this mortal infection (herpes) only with the help of some lesser known and uncommon remedies such as slippery elm for herpes. Let’s begin the talk with the history of slippery elm. Slippery elm is an herbal tree that is known for its positive effects on the digestive or gastrointestinal track as well as on the respiratory system of the body. This herbal tea is deciduous in nature and is found predominantly in North American region. As an herbal tree, slippery elm is medium sized with large green colored leaves. Only the inner bark of this herb is used for various medicinal purposes since thousands of years.

The recent studies found that slippery elm is a great remedy for treating herpes symptoms. It has been using in the treatment of various skin problems since ancient times but for herpes it is evolving out as a new cure. This herb is highly known for its beneficial properties of treating skin ailments such as wounds, cuts, burns, boil, cold sores, ulcers and any other type of skin inflammatory conditions. Slippery elm is actually an excellent demulcent, expectorant, emollient, astringent, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.  The herbal extract derived from slippery elm is rich in vitamin A. The mucilage preset in the herb is of high nutritional value and also acts as an excellent demulcent which help in inhibiting the growth of the herpes virus inside the body.

slipper elm herpes

In short, slippery elm has all those beneficial properties which help in soothing, buffering, reducing itching, redness and irritation of the skin. The high nutritional value of this powerful herb helpful for those who feel weak either because of frequent herpes outbreaks or because of extensive use of antivirals. Its healing properties keep it on the top number in the list of herbal remedies for herpes. Regular use of this herb will reduce the pain, itching, redness, irritation, heal the symptoms fast and prevent you from both existing as well as future herpes outbreaks.

Slippery elm for herpes cure can be used in the treatment of both oral herpes and genital herpes. It will you amazing results in both cases. Intake of this herb also strengthen your immune system and make you strong from inside so that your immune system can protect your body from diseases attack and kill the existing ones. A sound immune system helps to reduce the occurrence of frequent herpes outbreaks and ease the pain. Try this lesser known natural remedy and get rid of herpes symptoms fast. Along with this treatment, try to eat a healthy diet and adopt a healthy lifestyle for getting better results. Having herpes does not mean end of your life. You can easily manage its symptoms and get your life back. The only thing you need to do is try only natural ingredients and take some preventive measures to stop its spreading.

Many more herbal and home remedies, apart from slipper elm are available to help you. One of them is vanilla extract. Click here to know more about vanilla extract and cold sores or herpes.

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