Genital Herpes Infection

Signs of Genital Herpes

Things You Should Know About Genital Herpes

Genital herpes is one of the very common sexually transmitted infections throughout the world which is caused by the virus named herpes simplex virus 2. herpes outbreak Herpes simplex virus mostly influences genital parts of the body such as anus, penis, vagina, urethra and buttock. Sometimes it may affect surrounding area too like thigh. However, this doesn’t mean that herpes simplex virus 2 will only influence your genital parts of the body. The truth is that this virus can influence any parts of the body including your lips too. Despite the fact that a large numbers of people suffering from this infection most of the patients generally do not develop any signs and symptoms. Some people do develop very mild traits that generally remain unnoticed. This is the reason why herpes simplex virus is continuously spreading at a very alarming rate. Very few people do evolve severe herpes complications that influence their day to day life. The signs and symptoms generally emerge to the genital parts of the body. Vagina and penis are the very common area where the symptoms of herpes infection generally emerge.

Common Symptoms Of Genital Herpes

As far as the question of the signs and symptoms of herpes infection is concerned, there are numerous signs and symptoms have been associated with the condition of genital herpes infection. The signs and symptoms generally come into existence after the outbreak of herpes infection. Before the occurrence outbreaks of herpes infection the patient may develop itching, burning and tingling around the affected area. These indications should be considered as a major signs of herpes infection. After getting outbreaks of herpes infection the patient may go through numbers of other signs and symptoms. Small fluid filled blisters on the genital parts generally evolve right after the outbreaks.

These fluid filled blister could be either painful or itching or both. Lesion on the genital parts can be also considered as the common trait of this infection. The lesion can emerge different parts of the genitals like penis, vagina, buttock, vulva, inner thigh, anus, pubis and clitoris. Discharge of the penis or from the vagina can also considered as less frequent but common indications of genital herpes infection. Many people do experience indications of genital herpes like muscles aches, fever, head ache, swollen lymph nodes and malaise. Muscles aches, fever, head ache, swollen lymph nodes and malaise can be categorized as flu like symptoms of herpes infection. The patient with genital herpes may experience painful urination while urinating. Painful sexual intercourse can also emerge as a major indication of genital herpes infection. Here I would like to tell you the truth these signs and symptoms are not entire signs and symptoms of genital herpes. You may evolve signs and symptoms that are not include here in this article. However, these are the very prominent indications of genital herpes infection.

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