Olive Leaf extracts v/s antiviral medications for herpes

Herpes And Its Cure

Herpes is an infection which can cause by herpes simplex virus 1and 2. If you have oral herpes you can get symptoms like cold sores around your mouth and face, filled-fluid blisters around your chin and nostrils. Genital herpes is a sexually transmitted disease and it usually comes from your genitals. There are many other herpes virus which can affect your eyes, skin and any other part of your body.  It is very infectious disease and it can easily spread from one person to other so, if you don’t want to suffer with this disease you have to make distance from infected person. There are many medicines and home remedies available which normally gives you assurance that using those medicines can remove herpes permanently but, it is just impossible. Because the virus of herpes is so mild that you can’t get any information about this disease, even not in your reports. It’s a big question of today’s that can any antiviral medicine or home remedy gives you relief from herpes? To clarify the answer properly today we are going to discuss which gives more effective results on herpes antiviral or home remedy for herpes cure.

Antiviral Medicines for Herpes Treatment

Antiviral medicines- An agent that has the ability to remove virus is called antivirus. There are many types of antivirals which can treat herpes. According to research the most effective antivirals to treat herpes is acyclovir, valacyclovir and famciclovir.

medicine for herpes


This is one of the most and old antiviral above of all. It slows down the growth and spread of herpes in your body. In the starting it sold like ointment form and then it sold as in pill form. It is safe and it can give you some relief from this disease if you take this medication on a regular basis. You can use this medication in cold sores, genital herpes, chicken pox and shingles. If can give more effective result if you use this drug from the very first appearance of herpes symptoms like blisters, burning and tightening. Herpes virus is contagious and you can infect other people whether you are using acyclovir antiviral or not.

Valacyclovirherpes on mouth

This is new drug to treat herpes but, in taking of this drug can make acyclovir to work with more efficiency in your body. It means you have the advantage to take fewer medicines in a day. Valacyclovir is usually used to treat cold sores in children who are the age of 12. And in chicken pox who are 2 years old. These medicines cannot cure herpes and not fight against its symptoms. This dug only lessen your infection of herpes.


By this you can treat your herpes zoster virus because it can cause shingles the same virus which can cause chicken pox. This antiviral has the ability to prevent your genital outbreaks to reform. It is usually use to prevent spreading in your body. It can give you relief from pain, itching, tingling and burning. This medicine also have side effects like other such asHeadaches

  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Stomach pain
  • Rash
  • Itching

Antiviral medication is good choice to treat oral herpes but sometimes it can give you side effects. Study shows that these antiviral has the ability to heal the symptoms of oral and genital herpes. They all come in different brand names but them all works to prevent herpes symptoms if you start this medication in the first outbreaks of herpes. On the other hand homemade remedy is also used to treat herpes very effectively. And most important thing is they don’t give you any side effect. Although there are many remedies which can gives you relief without any side effect. And if you take natural remedies for herpes, it will make you to live long and less painful life. There are many natural ingredients which can give you relief in herpes but the most effective ingredient is olive oil, or you can also use olive leaf extract. So here are some benefits of olive leaf extract.

Why Does Olive Leaf Extract Treat Herpes Better than Medication?

Olive extract

olive is used to treat many problems naturally. If you consume olive oil on a daily basis you can improve you digestive system. And by this you can also make your skin more glowing and problem free. Olive oil is also use to prevent heart attack and many chronic heart diseases. Olive contains antioxidants which fight against virus and bacteria’s. According to researches olive oil or leaf extract is one of the main and effective ingredients which can give you relief from herpes without giving any side effects. Olive leaf contains an extract named oleurpein is works to fight against herpes virus. olive extracts for herpesMost of the time herpes increase when your immune system is week or when you feel stress. Because that time your body does not produce enough protein. Because of olive extract your immune system improves quickly and makes capable to produce enough protein so that your body can stops the herpes virus from out breaking. Oleurpein is one of the main ingredients which fight against herpes simplex virus. Although is it not proved that olive extract can cure this disease permanently but still it gives you impactful results by preventing its symptoms and out breaks.

The major outbreak is filled fluid blisters around your mouth and genitals which is usually itchy. If you are facing severe genital herpes, you might face many more complications. That’s why using of olive extract will give you more benefits.  Olive leaf extract for herpes treatment is a natural way to treat this virus. Consuming this oil in correct dosage makes your body more healthy and diseases free. Because Olive Oilthis is a natural ingredient and it does not contain any side effects like other medicines or drug. If you are using olive extract to treat herpes, you are more likely to face severe headache, migraine, joint pain and some more sweat than usual these are common symptoms. If you are going to add olive extract or olive oil in your initial consumption, it can cause stomach ache and stomach related any problem. But you do not need to worry because these symptoms are mild and not going to harm your entire body. Once your body gets used to it then these symptoms gradually go away. I hope I clear the difference between antiviral and olive leaf extract uses. Try according your choice but personally I believe using natural remedies are most effective and easy way to get relief in herpes. Natural herpes remedies are easy to find and under your budget.

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