Alternative Herpes Treatments – What are the Alternative Herpes Cure Available

Herpes virus usually remains silent, but sometimes comes to an active stage. And those days are next to unbearable, antivirals seeming the only way of relief. Once you get attacked, you immediately approach the doctor. But this way of finding relief is drastically changing nowadays. You may not be aware of the fact that most of the herpes patients have started using alternative Herpes_Infectionherpes cure. These methods are something different from antiviral, mostly influenced by nature’s power of healing. All the alternative herpes cure people are being mesmerized by have the following properties.  In short we can say that when compared to conventional medication alternative treatment methods are very much popular due to the following:

  • Cost effectiveness
  • Easily accessible
  • No side effects at all
  • Instantly effective
  • Easy to use and trust for everybody

Now you might be tempted to use them as an option of treating your future outbreak, right? Go ahead; following are the ways to your herpes free life.




The conventional or mainstream treatment which all of us are relying on these days is also referred to allopathy. Allopathy is the science of treating diseases with remedies that have effects different from those caused by the disease itself. homeopathy-remedies-for-herpesThis form of treatment has become ubiquitous in previous decades. People accept it completely without knowing what it actually is and how it is able to treat your illness. Homeopathy is based o the concept of “like cures like”. In general, we can say that allopathy seeks to fight the body’s natural response system by attacking the symptoms of healing. Homeopathy, however, embraces the body’s natural response system by either encouraging the symptoms of healing or attacking the root cause of the illness. Allopathy aims towards suppressing the symptoms in most of the cases, however homeopathy tries to address and attack the root cause.

Homeopathy treats the person as a whole. The homeopathic medicines are selected after a full homeopathy-treatment-benefitsindividualizing examination and case-analysis, which includes the medical history of the patient, physical and mental constitution etc. It means that homeopathic treatment focuses on the patient as a person, as well as his pathological condition. It is the first step towards complete healing. Every part of your body which can be affected by the illness can be treated very well using homeopathic treatment. This was not the approach of any other herpes cure ever before. Hence it makes it easy to trust that homeopathy is the only way to cure herpes. Not your sores alone will be treated but every impact the sores can make on your body are taken into consideration.


There are a few natural products that are nowadays becoming the favorite of every herpes patient. The reason is lack of side effects and the ease with which you can use these products at home. The natural methods of treating herpes are an important part of alternative herpes cure. Have a look at what all products you can use as an alternative to medicines.

Lemon Balm:

lemon balmIt has flavonoids, phenolic acid, and rosmarinic acid, which helps in healing the sores or blisters. Prepare a lemon balm tea. Let it steep for some time. Then, soak a cotton ball in it and apply directly on the sores.

Oregano Oil:

Oregano oil, with its anti-viral properties, helps in the speedy recovery of herpes blisters. You just need to apply some oregano oil directly on the infected area. The relation, oregano oil and herpes, has something really great in it to treat herpes.

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Tea tree oil: 

Tea-Tree-Oil-to-cure-herpesTake some water in a glass. Add few drops of tea tree oil and gargle to remove ulcers from mouth. For genital herpes, use an eye-dropper to put drops on the infected area.

Aloe Vera Gel:

Aloe vera is the best remedy for herpes with its natural healing properties. You can drink aloe vera juice or can also apply it on the sores for quick healing.

Soap and Warm Water:

Soaking the herpes sore in warm water surely relieves the pain and itching. To keep the affected area infection-free and clean, use soap. After all, keeping an area that’s covered with sores clean and free of infection is one step closer to healing the sores.

Herbal Tea and black coffee:

HERBAL TEAHerbal tea is an effective solution for avoiding any type of skin diseases. For treating pain and itching arising due to herpes black coffee sip can also be an alternative. If you want to know more about coffee and herpes outbreaks, click here.

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One of the other natural remedies for herpes is lysine. It is a kind of amino acids that is found in foods, including milk, brewer’s yeast, cheeses, chicken, etc. It is known for reducing herpes outbreak.

Manuka Honey:

Manuka honey has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. It helps in quick healing of herpes blisters and cold sores. You just need to apply some manuka honey directly on the infected area.

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Domeboro Powder:

Domeboro powder can be used for healing the herpes infection. It can be used on the sores in the form of compress or wet dressing. The powder helps in soothing the irritated and itchy skin.

Breathable clothing:

wear breathable clothes to cure herpesWhen dealing with sores, remember to wear loose-fitting clothing. This allows air to circulate and keeps sweat and moisture away from the affected area.

Peppermint oil:

In experiments, peppermint oil has stopped a number of viruses from reproducing, including herpes. However, it is not clear till now whether peppermint oil would have any effect on the herpes virus in humans. Read more to get details about peppermint oil and herpes.

Natural Oils:

Natural oils are effective in relieving the herpes ache and itching. Eucalyptus oil for herpes, Olive, jojoba, tea tree, vitamin E, camellia, and calendula oils are known for fighting against the virus. You just need to apply any of the natural oil or mixture of some oils on the infected area, gently. This will heal the infected skin.

Rhubarb cream:

rhubarb_cream_for_herpesIn one Swiss study, a topical cream made from sage (Salvia officinalis) and
rhubarb was found to be as effective as Zovirax in healing cold sores. Sage by itself was not beneficial.

Stress management:

Just like taking it easy and getting plenty of rest is important during an outbreak, those suffering from herpes should avoid stress. Stress has been directly linked to suppression of the immune system, your body’s way of keeping the herpes virus dormant and in check.


GoldensealGoldenseal is another natural treatment for herpes. Take some walnut hull powder and add Echinacea and goldenseal in it. Stir it well to make a paste. Apply the paste on the infected area. Goldenseal is also available in pills, tincture, salve, and bulk powder.


Have you ever heard about this word hydrotherapy? I am sure not, and even if you know what it is, you might not have thought of trying it. Hydrotherapy is a sequence of acts you are advised to follow if you want quick relief in the symptoms of genital herpes. The first step of hydrotherapy involves the application of castor oil in the abdominal area. You have to massage lukewarm castor oil gently on the abdominal area for a few minutes. After that you have a sitz bath that would give relaxation to both your body and soul. Afterwards, ice packs are applied on your genitals. This is also a promising alternative treatment method for herpes.



All the time we kept on going for antivirals in case of outbreaks. Even though we knew that it was of no use and had a lot of side effects, it was the only option all the patients were left with. And even after a heavy bill and tragic side effects, the unchanged fact was that herpes was incurable. The above statement was the only truth related to the cure of herpes till now, but now there are some significant achievements in this field. All the conventional methods to deal with herpes were long term, or I should say lifetime procedures. This also means you have to pay continuous cost for the forever continuing treatment. The e-book, HSV eraser is a fortunate discovery this year because people needing it in future are increasing at an alarming rate. Initially you have to uncloak the virus by following specific type of diet with exact nutrition contents for the first 10 days. The book elaborates on what and when to eat with a detailed schedule.

HSV eraserYou have to follow a healthy routine for the next 13 days to supercharge your immune system. It is necessary to defeat the virus which is hiding itself somewhere deeper inside you. And it will all be done in 21 days at maximum. All techniques and secrets that you will find in this program are natural because you are going to use only home remedies and some health supplements that are easily available on any local store. By following the guidelines and going through each and every detail of your body, you can prepare yourself for giving it a fight on your own. What can be better than this self healing?

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It is the addition of the third oxygen atom that makes ozone “supercharged” oxygen, and gives it all of its remarkable medical properties. We all know, or at least have heard about what ozone
actually is, right! But as per our knowledge ozone gas belongs to the category of harmful gases. Yes it does lie in that zone, but it is amazing that with state it completely changes its effect.  Ozone, in its gaseous state, is toxic to the human tissues. In aqueous form, however, itozone therapy to heal herpes may have therapeutic effects. In fact it has amazing healing abilities which are being utilized in every corner of the world from last 50 years. Other than the conventional natural products ozone therapy is in news for its ever lasting effectiveness in deleting the virus from your body. Ozone has an unmatchable effect on immune system of human body. Ozone is an amazing potent regulator of the immune system that can balance the immunity of humans. All the elements beneficial for the immune system have the capability of either stimulating the immune system or suppressing it as per need. But ozone can do both depending on the requirement. Only thing to take care of while choosing this alternative treatment for herpes is to find a professional expert who has both qualifications and experience to perform the therapy.